Kumu is a Hawaiian word and one of the meanings is “the bottom or foundation.” My daughter gave me the foundation and knowledge to understand what babies need and to start a brand for babies with products that I don’t have to hide when company comes over.

Mama, design lover, slow living supporter, immigrant & dancer at heart.

I believe that we are all born with an innate ability to enjoy beauty. Aesthetic, pleasant things. Where the design is simple and it makes you feel a sense of calm, just like nature. After having kids, I felt a need to turn down the "volume" after a long busy day and to create a home with objects that reflect that sense of peace. That's how Kumu Baby was born. Quality pieces designed so you won't feel the rush to store it away. My goal is to create products that will ease the lives of the users. Having small children can be a lot, but investing in products that are practical, sustainable and beautiful to look at will give you better support for your new lifestyle.

Founder Mariana Siok

Outdoor photo of a smiling mother sitting on a vegan leather play mat with her smiling toddler daughter who is holding apples.


Kumu Baby brings families natural, beautiful, sustainable, practical and non-toxic baby products that we have designed to ease the lives of the users.